Make WestShore your strategic partner for ensuring your operational goals are achieved.  Our services are reflective of years of experience managing and operating all aspects of the healthcare continuum. 

Management Services

  • Develop strategic plans

  • Manage execution of plan

  • Operational oversight

  • Interim management

  • Prepare facilities & operations for disposition

  • Multi-year management of single or multiple sites

Benchmarking & Analysis
Organizational performance & viability assessments analyzing:

  • Facility performance

  • Census

  • Pricing & services

  • Physical plant

  • Executive & Board Member Services

Operational Audits/Reviews

  • Operational assessment

  • Revenue enhancement studies

Tactical Projects

  • Corporate compliance plans
  • Enterprise risk program design
  • Regulatory compliance best practices
  • Supply chain management
  • Quality improvement program design

Covenant Compliance Operations Analysis & Solutions

  • Analyze costs & identify restructuring opportunities
  • Recommend revenue enhancements & new product opportunities
  • Communicate results to all stakeholders

Management & Operational Services